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Final Project Preparation

Project Submissions

Some trainees may have some ideas about projects that they would like to complete for their Final Project. Before the Final Project starts, ideas should be gathered and fully specified before the start of the first week.

A good project should

  • Show all of the skills the trainee has learnt at CodeYourFuture so far
  • Be large enough that four people can work on it for 4-6 weeks and still have work to do
  • Be something that the trainee is passionate about
  • Be interesting to employers
  • Solve a real world problem that you have faced in the past or at CodeYourFuture

All code should be done in public on the trainees' Githubs, unless there is a strong security concern with an external project. It should never belong to a mentor. This work is an important portfolio piece. Commits must belong to the trainee and the work should be clearly displayed to potential future employers.


Before class starts volunteer and trainee teams should have been assigned.

You can find a template for organising the teams here Repos must be logged on this spreadsheet so everyone can see what is happening during the module. All trainees should make sure that they are comfortable with their roles and what they will be required to do. More information about roles can be found here

Starter Projects

Here is a starter project that trainees can fork to get started:

Documentation can be found here for both of the above projects

If you need help for any of these projects, you can find help in this Slack channel: #cyf-full-stack-starter-kit

Briefing Presentation

This presentations gives an overview of the day to day running, the roles and the aims of the Final Project