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Week 1 Goals

  • Navigate the interface
  • Sequence logical solutions with blocks
  • Control flow with if statements
  • Control flow with while statements

A full set of learning objectives are available on the Lesson Plan on the teacher view for this course on

CYF Blocks

  • Navigate the Blocks interface
  • Sequence logical solutions with blocks
  • Modify existing html (DOM) dynamically
  • Insert new html (DOM) dynamically
  • Respond to user actions (text input and clicks)


  • Identify described requirements
  • Identify extra requirements from your own experience
  • Resolve trade-offs in conflicting requirements
  • Translate requirements into high-level design outlines


  • Participate in first retrospective

Delivery/ Ship It

  • Export your Codepen to zip
  • Upload your folder to Github
  • Deploy your folder to Netlify