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1) Read the Lesson Page Content (2 Hours)

Before starting this coursework, read through the lesson and complete the exercies.

2) Make and review pull requests with a partner (15 minutes)

Find a partner to work with from your class.

In the lesson exercises, you made two branches (one with a story, one with an extra ingredient). Make pull requests for both of your branches, and ask them to review your two pull requests. You should also review their pull requests.

When you're reviewing: Give some feedback on the pull requests you've been asked to review - try to suggest a change (maybe a better wording, fix some spelling, or suggest an extra idea they could add). When the author has implemented your change, and you're happy with it, approve the pull request.

Authors: If your reviewer suggested changes, make the changes and push them to the remote branch. When each pull request has been approved, merge it. Delete your branches when you're done.

If you get stuck, ask for help on Slack!

3) Complete Git It (2 hours)

You should complete the following sections on Git It

  • Branches aren't just for Birds

You are also welcome to continue to work through the rest of Git It to continue learning about Git.

4) Git Visualizer (30 minutes)

The animated gifs in today's lesson where created using this website

Spend some time experimenting with branches and how you they work to clarify your understanding.

Note that this website doesn't understand git switch, so you'll need to run git checkout to switch branches (e.g. git checkout mybranch to switch to mybranch), and git checkout -b to make branches (e.g. git checkout -b add-story to make a new branch named add-story) - sorry about that!