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From Github Desktop To CLI

Everything that you're going to be doing using Git CLI you can also do using Github Desktop.

In this page, you'll comparisons of how to complete command tasks on both Github Desktop and Git CLI.

Viewing Changed Files

To view the files that you have changed you can use

git status

This will show a list of files that have changed since the last time that you committed.

Github DesktopGit CLI
Viewing changed files in Github DesktopViewing changed files in Git CLI

Including Files to Commit

One key difference between Github Desktop and Git CLI is that you need to set which files will be committed to your repository. You can add files to be committed by using

git add .

This command will add every file you have changed to be ready to commit

Github DesktopGit CLI
Adding files to commitAdding files to commit with cli

Committing Changes

Committing changes to your repository can be done by using this command

git commit -m "YOUR MESSAGE HERE"

The -m means that after you are going to write your commit message. Make sure to put your commit message in quotes! You can press enter to add new lines in your message, too.

Some characters are treated specially in the terminal, and we can tell the terminal not to treat them specially by escaping them with a backslash. For example, if you want to use a quote character inside your message, you need to escape it, otherwise the terminal will think your quote is the end of the message:

git commit -m "Use \"s instead of 's"

Here's how committing on Github Desktop and Git CLI is different

Github DesktopGit CLI
Commiting Changing with Github DesktopCommit files with Git CLI

Pushing Changes to Github

Finally, pushing your changes to Github can be completed by using

git push
Github DesktopGit CLI
Pushing files to GithubPushing files using Git CLI

Fetching from Github

To check if there have been any changes on Github you can use

git fetch
Github DesktopGit CLI
Fetching on Github DesktopFetching on Git CLI

Pulling from Github

To pull any changes from Github you can use

git pull
Github DesktopGit CLI
Pulling changes from GithubFetching on Git CLI