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1) Tell us about you - using Github! (1 hour)​

Follow the instructions in this repository to submit a description about yourself.

This is how you'll be submitting a lot of your homework in this course so please let us know if you have any challenges with doing it.

2) Upload your Website to Github (2 Hours)​

To apply for this course you had to complete a website using what you've learnt so far. Let's save it to Github so we can look at it in a few months and see how much you've learnt!

1. Export from CodePen​

Find your website that you made on CodePen and follow the instructions here

When you've completed this step you should a zip file downloaded somewhere on your computer.

2. Unzip File​

When you've downloaded the .zip file you should unzip it to see all your files.

Make sure you put the folder in a place that you can remember.

Not sure how to do this? You can find instructions here:

3) Fork and Clone our Repository​

Make a fork of the repository to your Github Profile and clone it to your computer.

You'll be using this forked version to host your website.

4) Add your files​

Copy your the files that you've unzipped to the repository folder for your website.

You can find this folder by clicking Show in Explorer in Github Desktop.

5) Upload to Github​

Next, you should use Github and Github Desktop to upload your website to your Github Profile.

If you get stuck, make sure to check this weeks lesson to see what we covered.

6) Done!​

When you've complete this correctly your repository should look something like this

Get Stuck? Any Questions? Ask on Slack.

3) Help me with my kid's homework! (1 hour)​

In this repository you will find instructions of how to help my child with his homework

Follow the instructions to complete this homework!

4) Mark other peoples coursework! (1 hour)​

Now that you've helped him with his homework we want you to mark other peoples homework from your class. Giving feedback is an important way to help you grow!

Again, go to this repository and go to the "Pull Requests" tab.

Here you will find all of your Classmates answers to the homework.

  1. Choose two pull requests with no, or few, comments.
  2. Leave comments on any of the questions you think they have got wrong. Not sure if their answer is right? Ask them to check it and confirm.
  3. Leave a comment saying you have finished your review.

You should do this for at least two pull requests.

Not sure on the answers? See here:

Personal Development Coursework

1) Holding yourself accountable and setting goals​

Now that you have envisioned the person you want to become and have a clear insight into your SWOT, it’s time to set some clear goals that will help you stay accountable and work towards achieving your personal and professional career ambitions.

Set SMART goals:

Specific - Be explicit about what you want to achieve. Measurable - Make sure you can measure your progress. Achievable - Make sure that it’s realistic and attainable. Relevant - Don’t get a goal that is out of context to your career journey! Time bound - Give yourself a clear deadline.

2) - Professional Development and industry readiness preparation.​

Professional communication is critical when it comes to landing a role employers are looking for passionate candidates and use platforms like Linkedin to source future employees.

Stretch goal:​

Set up your linkedin profile and let employers know that you have started your journey into the tech industry. Communicate one of your smart goals, but make sure that it’s relevant to landing a role as a developer

3) Trainee - English Skills audit​