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Deploying Your First Site

  1. Visit and click the "Sign up" button in the top navigation

Netlify homepage

  1. Choose "GitHub" on the sign up page

Netlify sign up page

  1. If you are logged out of GitHub, then log in
  2. Read the permissions and click the "Authorize netlify" button

Granting GitHub account permissions to Netlify

  1. If prompted to "Tell us about yourself", fill out the information. Note: only the "I'm using Netlify for" question is required, so you can skip everything else if you want
  2. Click the "Import from Git" button

Choose how to deploy your site on Netlify

  1. When asked to connect a Git provider, click the "GitHub" button

Choose your site's Git provider on Netlify

  1. A pop-up window will ask for some more GitHub permissions. Click the "Authorize Netlify" button

Granting further GitHub permissions to Netlify

  1. You will be asked to "Install Netlify". If you are prompted "Where do you want to install Netlify", choose your personal GitHub username. Do NOT choose Code Your Future's account, as this won't work!

Installing Netlify into your GitHub account

  1. Select the GitHub repo which you would like to create a site from

Choosing the GitHub repo to create your site from

  1. Under "Branch to deploy" choose the "main" branch of your repo, which is usually called main. You do not need to change anything under "Customize build settings", Netlify will do this for you

Choosing the branch to create your site from

  1. Click the "Deploy site" button
  2. It make take a few minutes before the deploy is complete. Try refreshing your browser, when a URL appears then the site is live

The site is live