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Renaming Your Site

Once you have a site deployed, you may notice that Netlify has created a randomised URL to access it.

You may want to change this to a "friendlier" URL so that it is easier to remember and share. We also ask you to change the URL of sites you create for coursework, so that it is easier to for volunteers to find your site and give feedback. See website naming conventions for rules to name your site.


If you already have the site open in Netlify, you can skip the first few steps!

  1. Log into Netlify (remember that you sign in using GitHub)
  2. On your Netlify dashboard, click "Sites" in the top navigation

Netlify dashboard

  1. Click on the site that you want to rename in the list of all of your sites

List of your Netlify sites

  1. On the site overview page, click on "Site settings"

Site overview page

  1. Scroll down to the "Site information" section and click "Change site name"

Site information in site settings

  1. Enter your new site name and click "Save"

Site name input

  1. Your site should now be renamed! If you scroll to the top, the URL should be Try clicking to make sure that the URL still works