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Coursework Source of Truth...

Is your Google Classroom, not here! Teachers and trainees, make sure you check your Google Classroom for latest updates.

Mandatory coursework

1) 🔑 Create a Karma clone webpage (4 hours)

Fork then clone the HTML/CSS week 2 coursework, and follow the instructions in the file.

2) Code review

Learning to read and review other people's code is a key skill for a developer. When you join a new team, you will usually also join an existing codebase, and you will need to be able to read it. If you've never looked at code written by other people, you will find this really challenging (it's already hard!).

  1. Do the Github Lab course in reviewing pull requests
  2. Ask for a code review from a colleague on your Karma project.
  3. Complete a code review for a colleague on their Karma project.

You don't need to have completed the entire project to get code review. You can ask for help with something specific.