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Coursework Source of Truth...

Is your Google Classroom, not here! Teachers and trainees, make sure you check your Google Classroom for latest updates.

1) 🔑 Create a Cakes Co webpage (4 hours)

Fork then clone the HTML/CSS week 3 coursework, and follow the instructions in the file.

2) Prepare for the next class (2 hours)

Next lesson, we will be going back to learning about JavaScript.

Review what you've learnt so far to prepare yourself for the next lesson.

You should always prepare for class and not passively wait for things to be explained to you. As a professional, you will need to learn things on your own and answer questions that do not have answers yet. Begin developing this skill now.

  • Keep working through FreeCodeCamp and find some gaps in your knowledge
  • Have a call with other trainees to discuss the things you are working on
  • Prepare at least two questions about basic JavaScript to bring to class

You should always read through the next lesson, in preparation for class. For JS-1 you need to complete this prep:

3) Join Codewars

Join Codewars

You will complete at least three kata a week, every week, for the rest of the course. A kata is a short coding workout and you should aim to spend twenty minutes, three times a week, doing kata.

  1. Read this tutorial and code along with the example kata:
  2. Link your account with Github, and join the CodeYourFuture clan, so we can find you on the clan board here:
  3. Add your Codewars name to the Trainee Info form for your class. It should be the same as your Github name.

By the end of JS1, you will have completed nine kata, three for each week in the module. Codewars is not just to practice JavaScript, it's to practice time management and study skills, so don't put this off.