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1) FreeCodeCamp (3 hours)#

If you haven't already, you should complete all of these lessons on FreeCodeCamp

You should complete the following lessons

  • Comment Your JavaScript Code
  • Declare JavaScript Variables
  • Storing Values with the Assignment Operator
  • Initializing Variables with the Assignment Operator
  • Understanding Uninitialized Variables
  • Understanding Case Sensitivity in Variables
  • Add Two Numbers with JavaScript
  • Subtract One Number from Another with JavaScript
  • Multiply Two Numbers with JavaScript
  • Divide One Number by Another with JavaScript
  • Increment a Number with JavaScript
  • Decrement a Number with JavaScript
  • Create Decimal Numbers with JavaScript
  • Multiply Two Decimals with JavaScript
  • Divide One Decimal by Another with JavaScript
  • Finding a Remainder in JavaScript
  • Compound Assignment With Augmented Addition
  • Compound Assignment With Augmented Subtraction
  • Compound Assignment With Augmented Multiplication
  • Compound Assignment With Augmented Division
  • Declare String Variables
  • Escaping Literal Quotes in Strings
  • Quoting Strings with Single Quotes
  • Escape Sequences in Strings
  • Concatenating Strings with Plus Operator
  • Concatenating Strings with the Plus Equals Operator
  • Constructing Strings with Variables
  • Appending Variables to Strings
  • Find the Length of a String
  • Write Reusable JavaScript with Functions
  • Passing Values to Functions with Arguments
  • Global Scope and Functions
  • Local Scope and Functions
  • Global vs. Local Scope in Functions
  • Return a Value from a Function with Return
  • Understanding Undefined Value returned from a Function
  • Assignment with a Returned Value

2) JavaScript Exercises (4 hours)#

Here are a set of exercise that will help you to solidify your knowledge of JavaScript.

For this step, open the "Exercises" folder and complete all of the challenges.

Before you start, make sure you fork the repository to your Github account.

3) JavaScript Challenges (6 hours)#

Next, in the same repository complete all of the exercises in the "Mandatory" folder.

4) Prepare for next week (2 hours)#

To challenge yourself even further, you can get ahead for next week's class by reading some of the below documentation:

5) Give feedback on your colleague's coursework (1 hour)#

Use what you learned in this lesson to give feedback to other trainees who have submitted their coursework.

Helping to give feedback on other peoples coursework doesn't only help them, it also helps you by reading a variety of different code.

You must

  1. View the open Pull Requests here

  1. Find two pull requests from people in your class that have no, or few, comments on them
  2. Leave comments on the two pull requests with improvements or suggestions
  3. Leave a comment saying that you have reviewed it and a nice comment about something you liked (always remember to be nice!)

Make sure you mark at least two other pull requests. It's important that you see a variety of different answers!

Remember, you should use the Code Style Guide to help you

6) (Optional) Extra JavaScript Challenges#

Have some extra time before our next class? Fill it with these harder challenges to help you stretch your abilities!

Beware: Some of these challenges might include concepts that we haven't taught you yet. You should us Google to try to learn how to solve them.

7) (Optional) Even more JavaScript Challenges#

Completed all of the addition challenges in the coursework? We have more challenges that you can find here

Make sure you share the challenges that you're working on in Slack to see if other people are also working on it. If you have time, try paired programming to solve these challenges!