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1) Complete this online course (4 hours)#

You should complete the following sections from this online tutorial:

  • Get ready to make your webpages interactive
  • JS and the DOM
  • DOM access methods
  • DOM modification
  • DOM events

2) Study these DOM materials (1 hour)#



3) JavaScript Challenges (3 hours)#

Here are a set of exercise that will help you to solidify your knowledge of JavaScript.

For this step, open the "Exercises" folder and complete all of the challenges.

Before you start, make sure you fork the repository to your Github account.

4) JavaScript Projects (8 hours)#

Next, in the same repository complete all of the exercises in the "Project" folder.

If you finish all of those, spend some time

5) Give feedback on your colleague's coursework (1 hour)#

Use what you learned in this lesson to give feedback to other trainees who have submitted their coursework.

Helping to give feedback on other peoples coursework doesn't only help them, it also helps you by reading a variety of different code.

You must

View the open Pull Requests here

Find two pull requests from people in your class that have no, or few, comments on them
Leave comments on the two pull requests with improvements or suggestions
Leave a comment saying that you have reviewed it and a nice comment about something you liked (always remember to be nice!)

Make sure you mark at least two other pull requests. It's important that you see a variety of different answers!

Remember, you should use the Code Style Guide to help you

6) (Optional) Practice CodeWars (3 hours)#

Complete the following CodeWars on JavaScript concepts you learned in previous weeks.

7) (Optional) Extra Challenges#

Have you completed all of the above homework?

Pick one of the challenges in this repository and complete it.