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Module Coordinator

1) Assessment

After the final week of this module there are assessment that should be completed by all trainees.


These assessments should be conducted one-on-one with a volunteer (possibly the trainee's buddy). Each of the assessments has a rubric that should be followed. After completion, the trainees score should be shared with the City Coordinator

The aim of these assessments is to

  • Work out how well each trainee is doing in the class
  • Highlight trainees who are falling behind and require help
  • Get oversight of any common misconceptions in the class

2) TV Show Project

The bulk of this module's coursework is the TV Show DOM Project. This project spans the module.

Trainees are instructed to get as far in this project as they can so this project is a good determinant of the trainees progress through the class so far.

Given what the trainees have learnt so far, all of them - over the module - should be able to complete Level 500 and beyond.

Over the module you should track the progress of the trainee (in a spreadsheet, doc etc) so that you can see their progress.

Trainees completing only Level 100 or 200

This trainee is struggling and they may not be ready to move onto the later parts of the course as they have not secured the key understanding of JavaScript that they need.