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Getting a code review

Here's what to do when you want a code review.

Invite your code-reviewer(s) as project collaborator(s)#

You will be told who your code-reviewer(s) will be.

  1. Ask your assigned code-reviewer(s) for their github usernames.

  2. Go to your tv-show-dom-project repo

  3. Click Settings

  4. Click Manage access

  5. For each reviewer you have been assigned:

    1. Click Invite a collaborator
    2. Type the github username of the reviewer, and select them
    3. Click Add <username> to tv-show-dom-project

Make a PR and request review#

  1. Make a PR from master to your for-review branch.
  2. Click the settings cog-wheel next to Reviewers
  3. For each reviewer you have been assigned
    1. enter the reviewer's username and select them
    2. DM your reviewer on slack to say that your code is ready for review

โ— Note: you should NEVER merge this PR into the for-review branch. โ—

Giving a code review#

Read the Giving Feedback page for how to do this.

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