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Level 100

Minimal features#

  1. All episodes must be shown
  2. For each episode, AT LEAST following must be displayed:
    1. the episode's name
    2. the season number
    3. the episode number
    4. the episode's medium-sized image
    5. the episode's summary text
  3. You should combine season number and episode number into an episode code:
    1. Each part should be zero-padded to two digits.
    2. Example: S02E07 would be the code for the 7th episode of the 2nd season. S2E7 would be incorrect.
  4. Your page should state somewhere that the data has (originally) come from, and link back to that site (or the specific episode on that site). See

Screenshot of minimal version#

Note: Provided your project meets the above requirements, it can look however you want.

Here is one example layout.

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