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Level 999

Ideas for further work#

Here are some ideas for consideration for further work

  • Add cast listing to your show listing,
  • Add cast listing to your episode listing,
  • Allow clicking a cast member to present a view of all shows the person has appeared in
    • linking those back into your episodes view of each show.
  • Truncate long summaries and provide a "... read more..." control to reveal more.
  • Allow the user to choose to have the show list sorted by rating (highest rated shows first)
  • Have your search support start-of-word search, or other search types.
  • Make the browser's back and forward buttons navigate through your changed views (see History.pushState()).
  • Allow user to mark "favourite" shows
  • Allow user to store notes on each episode
  • Use local storage to cache the above, and perhaps also to cache episode lists
  • Paginate through results with a "load more" button - don't load 100s of episodes at a time.
  • Experiment with infinite scroll
  • Handle errors from fetch
  • Responsive design
  • Semantic HTML
  • Accessibility
  • Style your page to fit the theme of the show (colours, typography, background images, etc). Commit to one show to do this.
  • Season selector (see screenshot)

Screenshot of example season selector layout - you would click to load episodes for the season.

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