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JavaScript Core III - 3


  1. PD (presentations)

PD (Presentations)

Session objective: To practice public speaking skills

It's time to reflect on what you have learned and share it with each other.

Present the 3-min presentation about your TV Show Project. Try to identify the common challenges, tips and tricks, and results while listening to the other presentations.

Exercise (15 minutes)

Exercise objective: To reflect on learning and identify improvement points

Spend some time on a class retrospective for the this module. Discuss the following points:

  • What we covered over this module
  • What parts we enjoyed
  • What we will do differently in the next module
  • What tips and tricks we can share with each other
  • What advice we would give to the next class


Click here to view the homework for this lesson.


Please spend two minutes reviewing this lesson to help us improve it for the future. This feedback will be shared with volunteers.