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JavaScript Core III - 3


  1. PD (Growth mindset)

PD (Growth Mindset)

Session objective: To understand the growth mindset, distinguish it from the fixed mindset and understand how to achieve the growth mindset.

What is a Mindset?

A mindset can be described as a set of beliefs that shape how you see people and the world around you. When you learn new information, your mindset often determines how you interpret it.

Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

A fixed mindset is a belief that one’s abilities are fixed and cannot change. Fixed mindset prevents development as it doesn’t encourage learning new things. When we have a fixed mindset we actively avoid challenges as we are convinced we are doomed to fail.

A growth mindset is the opposite. When we have a growth mindset we chart the path to our goals, learning and honing our skills. We are committed to challenging ourselves in each new opportunity.

Fixed Mindset

  • “I can do it, or I just can’t.”
  • “I cannot change who I am.”
  • “Working hard is a sign of inability.”
  • “I can’t fail if I don’t try.”
  • “That job is too challenging for me.”

Growth Mindset

  • “I can learn if I put in the effort.”
  • “I constantly evolve.”
  • “If you challenge yourself, then you improve.”
  • “If I don’t try, then I fail.”
  • “This job looks difficult. I would like to take on the challenge.”
Exercise (20 min)

Exercise objective: To understand the characteristics of fixed and growth mindsets.

As a class, discuss the characteristics of fixed and growth mindsets. Solve this quiz together. Create a jamboard where you compare the differences between the two mindsets.

Answer Key

Fixed Mindset

  • Avoid challenges
  • Gives up easily
  • Sees effort as meaningless
  • Ignores negative feedback, blanketing it all as non-constructive
  • Threatened by the success of others

Growth Mindset

  • Embraces challenges
  • Sees effort as the path to mastery
  • Persists in difficult circumstances
  • Learns from criticisms
  • Finds lessons and inspiration from the success of others
Exercise (25 min)

Exercise objective: To reflect on one’s instances of a fixed mindset and identify where the growth mindset could have been adopted.

Reflect upon your own experiences. What is an example of a time when you took a fixed mindset to a situation where it would have been beneficial to adopt that of growth? When thinking of your experiences, ask yourself the following:

  • What was the scenario? What events took place?
  • Why did you have a fixed mindset? What characteristics did you display?
  • What negative effects did your mindset have on you?
  • What would have been the outcome if you had adopted the growth mindset? What benefits would you experience?

Imagine you were to mentor your past self. How would you advise yourself in that moment to have a growth mindset? Be as detailed as possible.

Discuss ideas with each other and make bullet points (10 minutes) and share stories and reflections as a class (15 minutes).

Answer Key

Any answers along these lines can be considered acceptable.

  • Focus your attention on your development towards your goals and focus your energy on achieving your goals.
  • Remember that you are a work in progress and have not mastered your craft yet.
  • Be mindful of the way you speak to yourself - putting yourself down or using language like “I cannot”, - “I won’t”, or “I will never” are not conducive towards your developmental journey.
  • Do not be afraid of challenges; actively seek them out.


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