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1) Reading (2 Hours)#

Read about HTTP messages#

Express "Getting Started" Documentation:#

Read these two pages from the Express "Getting Started" documentation:

If you want some more reading

2) Watch Express JS Crash Course (1 Hour)#

This Express JS Crash Course is a fantastic resources to help consolidate what we learned in class.

Note: When he uses Postman, you can simply use your browser.

There are some parts that you can safely ignore:

  • 16:50-21:10 Ignore this bit about serving static files
  • 25:10-31:10 Ignore this bit about creating a middleware function.

3) Chrome Dev Tools (2 Hours)#

Look at a request in Chrome Dev Tools

In Google Chrome, open dev tools network tab and enter this URL into the browser:

Answer the following questions:

What's the status code the server sent back?
What HTTP method did the browser use to make the request?
What is the request path?
What is the first line of the response body?
What is the value of the response header called "Content-Type" ?
What is the value of the request header called "User-Agent"


Share your answers with the other trainees in your Buddy Group or on your Slack class channel.

Did you get different answers to other people? Ask them how they worked them out!

4) Quote Server API Project (10 hours)#

Take a look at this repository:

In that folder you will find a task to create a Quote Server.

To complete the coursework you should:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Complete the tasks
  3. Create a pull request back to the original repository

5) Prepare a Presentation (1 hour)#

Prepare a VERY simple recap of what we did and what we learned in today's class in Node Week 1.

The presentation should last between 60 and 120 seconds

Time yourselves - that is NOT much time!

Next class we will be presenting a few of them in small groups to each other to recap what we learnt.

NOTE: Slides (or presenting from computer) are NOT allowed.

6) (Optional) Challenges#

You can find additional challenges to work on here if you finish all of your homework.