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Syllabus Overview

An overview of our Software Development Course

What is the Syllabus?

The syllabus is a repository of everything that we teach at CodeYourFuture. Everything in this syllabus is created, maintained and taught by teams of volunteers from across the world.

This website includes:

  • The modules that make up the Software Development course (seen right)
  • One-off workshops that have been run by specialists
  • Useful guides for our trainees

How should I use the Syllabus?

As a teacher...

If you're reading this then you may be looking to attend or teach a class in the future. In each of the module sections of this website you will find a suggested lesson plan for your lesson. If you're new to CodeYourFuture this is a great place to start with our teaching.

However, you are also welcome to change, remix and re-create the content you find here as you wish. Over your time here you will get to know your specific trainees and will know what kind of content and teaching they need. We encourage you to innovate and experiment with the lesson plans you find here.

Every lesson has a set of Learning Objectives that we're trying to achieve in each lesson, as a teacher your goal to have your trainee achieve these goals throughout your lesson and the accompanying coursework.

Be sure to check out the Teaching Notes attached to every lesson for notes, slides and videos from previous teachers.

As a trainee...

If you're reading this as a trainee you will find lots of the lesson plans that you've been following in your class. You will also find links to resources that we think you will find useful, additional exercises and links to all of the coursework for the course.

How do I make a change to the Syllabus?

Check out the Contributing section to find out how to contribute to the Syllabus. New contributors always welcome!