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1) In Class Exercises

If you haven't already, complete the in-class exercises on your pokedex app.

2) CYF Hotel (3 hours)

Complete all of the Lesson 2 exercises in the cyf-hotel-react project:

3) Codewars (1 hour)$YOURNAME/completed

Go to your completed view, scroll down to the bottom and redo the fifth, tenth, and fifteenth in the list.

How will you approach these kata differently now you have more experience?

4) Futurespective vs Retrospective (PD - 1 hr)

Reflect on the PD session and describe how futurespective technique is different from retrospective. Write a 250-work essay on your thoughts. Try to answer the following questions as well - what are the key elements of each activity? What are their benefits? If you were tasked to design a futurespective session for your CYF final projects team, what would your design look like?

Share the link to your Google doc in your cohort’s channel and ask for feedback. Each of you should provide feedback for at least one peer.

5) Challenges (10 hours+)

The best way to get better at React is to practice by building small projects.

Continue to work on the challenge projects from the previous week. You should now be able to complete more levels of the challenge

We recommend that you complete the following challenge:

Some other suitable projects for you to work on right now are: