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Learning Objectives

React Week 3

Data fetching

Show some data from an API in a component.

  • Can explain why a loading state is necessary when fetching data as the result is not available on the initial render
  • Be able to trigger fetch() using the useEffect() callback, with an empty array ([]) as the 2nd dependencies argument
  • Be able to store data from a successful API call in state
  • Allow effects to update in response to prop changes
    • Explain why a component with an effect dependent on props is broken with empty useEffect() dependencies ([])
    • Be able to fix a component with an effect dependent on props using the useEffect() dependencies
    • Can describe the "lifecycle" of a component with useEffect() when props change


  • Create a simple form in React using the controlled component pattern
    • Can initialise state with useState()
    • Be able to set the input value to the state variable
    • Can explain why the input does not change when typing if onChange is not set
    • Be able to update the state using an onChange handler
  • Use data from a submitted form to update the application
    • Be able to handle an onSubmit event to the form
    • Be able to collect the form state variables and use them (setting state, POST request)