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1. Intro to Accessibility
2. Accessibility for Devs

Learning Objectives#

In this series of workshops we cover the following Learning Objectives

1. Intro to Accessibility#

Participants will be able to:

  • List the 4 main groups of disabilities (visual, hearing, motor, cognitive)
  • Define what accessibility is
  • Recall some specific conditions for each categories
  • Define what an invisible disability is and give some examples
  • Define situations where you can experience an accessibility issue, for touch, see, hear and speak or a combination of more than one of them (could be done as coursework)
  • List some reasons why accessibility is important to consider
  • Illustrate what each letter in SCULPT mean
  • Apply advice to check colours and give good text links and alt texts
  • Create an alternative text when sharing photo on social media.
  • Identify good and bad practice in social media
  • List the 4 principles of WCAG and define them in their own words
  • Recall the 3 conformance levels and which one to aim for
  • Identify situations where respecting the guidelines is not enough for a good user experience

2.Accessibility for Developers#

  • Identify accessibility issues when basic recommendations relative to text, colours, size and motion are not followed
  • Use contrast checkers to make sure colour choices are accessible
  • Apply simple tests
  • Identify accessibility issues for keyboard only users and those using magnifying tools
  • Use an html checker to make sure html tags are correctly nested and valid
  • Create good page titles
  • Create good alt texts
  • Identify alternative practice to provide content to screen reader users only
  • Illustrate good and bad use of links vs buttons
  • Identify accessibility issues like incorrect heading structure, bad tab order, undescriptive link text