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Mentors Guide

A work-in-progress of content development around the topic of how trainees deploy their homework projects and portfolio projects.

Envisaged deliverables:

  1. Short (20 min) workshops to drop into relevant modules
  2. Supporting reference material for trainees (e.g. cheatsheet) and teachers (lesson plan)
  3. (optional) extra tooling (trainee project gallery / HW lookup)


  • Write a workshop for netlify deploy via github (requiring no knowledge of command-line or npm)
  • Write supporting reference material for trainees to access in future, including the trainee's HW submission duties regarding deployments (as stand-alone page so that teachers can simply and reliably link to it when assigning HW)
  • Consider how to test for understanding during the workshop
    • Write a 5-minute kahoot for the first (or certainly second workshop) to check for understanding
  • Write a group work exercise for the workshop
  • Test all instructions with fresh accounts
  • Test the workshop plan against another human
  • Write separate instructions for Create Netlify Account (+ github) so that we can...
    • Assign the Create Netlify Account (+ github) as HW now (time-saver)
  • Discuss practice projects with Lucy and Sophie
  • Generate three little test projects the trainees can fork and deploy (and perhaps modify) (landing page, CV & portfolio)
  • Add mentor notes for "why not GH pages" - a link to wiki discussion page is fine?
  • Write a trivial initial gallery tool (serves as test suite) during practice
  • Deliver workshop over two weeks (20mins, 20 mins):
    • Week 1: the survival course
    • Week 2: refinements (e.g. temp vs final builds, DNS, branches)
    • Coord with React & JS3 module teachers so they know the approach taken so far


  • Bonus: Try to get budget (a sponsor) to have us buy a domain for each trainee for 1 or 2 years (caution: what happens when they can't afford it - all their links break. there's also the ownership hand-over, if CYF buy them initially)
  • Bonus: get some cheapo custom domain(s) for the groups final projects (e.g.


Guidelines for workshop content:

  • K.I.S.S.
  • Give them a recipe for what to do and have them practice it
  • LATER weeks can see discussion of finer points (advantages, bigger picture, alternatives exist, etc)
  • If possible, have a gallery in place, the trainees will detect when they have named incorrectly
  • (list of trainees, list of projects, generates expected links to each project)
  • Allows trainees to quickly test if their site naming is correct (and demonstrates to them WHY it matters with 40 trainees)
  • get grads involved