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Website Naming Conventions

To make it easier for teachers and volunteers to find and review your homework,

All CYF coursework projects should be hosted with the following naming scheme:



  • project name is exactly as given by your teacher
  • username is your github username. Not your nIf you want to be anonymous it can be an anonymous handle, but must be consistent across your projects.

Examples for the project called cakes


Examples for the project called photo-gallery


(Jon's github username is textbook)

HTML Page Titles

For your html page titles you have a choice:


A) Follow the same convention:

<title>cyf-nbogie-cakes | main</title>

or B)

At least include a (consistent!) name / handle in the title which your teacher will recognise:

<title>Neill's Fantastic Cake Store | main</title>


If teachers and volunteers can find your site more quickly they can spend more time giving you valuable feedback!

There are a LOT of trainees, and a lot of projects, and it saves volunteers time if they can predict your project site names without having to go to find it e.g. in slack.

Imagine a volunteer has 10 browser tabs open or is looking for your site in their browser history - they can find it really quickly if you follow the naming conventions above.

I don't like this!


  • You can ALSO deploy your project to different platforms, with other names. We just ask that you AT LEAST ensure your projects are hosted following the above naming conventions, at netlify.
  • For any project that is NOT homework, you can call the site whatever you want, be very creative, and even use a custom domain name!

(If you really don't like this, talk to us!)

Mentor Notes

  • These conventions are being trialled in London to make it easier for volunteers to handle 40 trainees. If you find them too draconian for your city, OK! Let us know!
  • Doesn't this help trainees to cheat? Yes
  • Why github username? This is globally unique. There will be more collisions when people try to use their given name.
  • The cyf- prefix also helps avoid collisions with other netlify-hosted projects AND assists autocompletion in the reviewer's browser, etc.

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