Intro To Web Development Accessibility

Projected Time

  • Lesson: 60 minutes
  • Exercises: 60 minutes

Prior Knowledge

Here are areas that you will need to have before starting this training. Students should have

  • Some knowledge of HTML & CSS


It is important to learn about this because

  • Students should understand why considering accessibility is important when they are working
  • Many employers will look for an understanding of common accessibility patterns
  • We should all endeavour to make websites that everyone can use

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • List the 4 main groups of disabilities (visual, hearing, motor, cognitive)
  • Define what accessibility is
  • Recall some specific conditions for each categories
  • Define what an invisible disability is and give some examples
  • Define situations where you can experience an accessibility issue, for touch, see, hear and speak or a combination of more than one of them (could be done as homework)
  • List some reasons why accessibility is important to consider
  • Illustrate what each letter in SCULPT mean
  • Apply advice to check colours and give good text links and alt texts
  • Create an alternative text when sharing photo on social media.
  • Identify good and bad practice in social media
  • List the 4 principles of WCAG and define them in their own words
  • Recall the 3 conformance levels and which one to aim for
  • Identify situations where respecting the guidelines is not enough for a good user experience




You can find the slides for this presentation here.


Quiz (10 minutes)

Complete this short quiz to show your understanding

Screen Readers (20 minutes)

Try using your phone with the screen reader function.

How People Use Tech (20 minutes)

Read about using a switch

Watch some of the videos on this page to understand more about how people with disabilities use tech.