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Final Project - Week 3

See Week 2 for instructions for this week. You are working as a team to deliver a product, so will continue using that format through the Final Projects


  • Check In
  • Reminder about the tracker and exit criteria

Check In: how are the contributions of all team members so far?

Here's what we expect: It's important to evaluate our contributions to the group.

  • A full stack developer must deliver features that touch each part of the stack. This means at minimum you must build a component of UI that interacts with the database and you must configure and manage that entire interaction pathway. At best this means multiple features across different parts of the stack.

For graduation, we evaluate each role against the Skills for the Information Age skills descriptions, which you should check for more details.

Reminder about the tracker and exit criteria

Review the Entry and Exit Criteria with your team, if you or them have any queries.

Also make sure the trainee tracker is being updated correctly, so you evaluate if the team is working evenly in building the product.