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Module Coordinator


To participate in Fundamentals, trainees must have completed Intro To Digital. There are no exceptions.

Cohort size

A Fundamentals cohort should be no more than 40 people. If you have more than this, you need to split into more cohorts. Consider staggering your cohorts.

Setting up

Trainees must complete the preparation outlined in the Prep and come to class prepared. People will probably have some questions and hit some roadbumps, so it can be useful to be present in a class ITD Slack channel to unblock people, but don't do it for them.


The Coordinator owns the schedule of the Fundamentals Course and leads a mid week planning call before each session.

  1. Each mentor notes page has an example schedule for the week, which you can adapt to suit your cohort.
  2. You should also schedule at least one short break in the afternoon for prayers, breastfeeding, and other obligations.
  3. Parcel out the sessions between volunteers in the planning call. At CYF we teach in teams and no one person dominates the day.
  4. Once you've planned, make sure you share the schedule with all trainees and volunteers at least 24 hours beforehand, so they can make any necessary travel, childcare, religious, and other logistical arrangements.


A mentor needs to run the Google Classroom and make sure coursework is posted according to the schedule. This can be the Coordinator or another volunteer. Each week of the course has a coursework page and suggested courseowrk is listed there.

There is a Boilerplate Classroom you should clone in our shared Google Workspace with a draft version of each piece of work. Clone the boilerplate and then schedule your coursework with publish and due dates.

You can set all the coursework up before the coursework starts, but do check you have the latest versions.


Graduation will happen the week after, as trainees have work to complete after the last session in order to graduate.

Everyone who meets the graduation criteria may be invited to the Software Development Course. You are not obliged to invite everyone.