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1) Read the Lesson Page Content (60 minutes)

Before starting this coursework, read through the lesson and complete the exercises.

2) Watch this video (15 minutes)

This video gives a good, accessible introduction to the command line

3) OpenClassroom - Learn the Command Line in Terminal (4 Hours)

This OpenClassroom course will take you through the basics of the learning the Terminal.

Note: You do not need to use any additional software to complete this course. You should use either:

  • Mac, use Terminal
  • Linux, use Terminal
  • Windows, use WSL or Git Bash

4) Check Your Understanding - Coursework (30 minutes)

Here is a coursework repository with a selection of challenges and a quiz to complete

The really important point here is to make sure you understand everything we've done so far.

5) Mark other peoples coursework (15 minutes)

Giving feedback is an important way to help you grow!

Again, go to this repository and go to the "Pull Requests" tab.

Here you will find all of your Classmates answers to the coursework.

  1. Choose two pull requests with no, or few, comments.
  2. Leave comments on any of the questions you think they have got wrong. Not sure if their answer is right? Ask them to check it and confirm.
  3. Leave a comment saying you have finished your review.

You should do this for at least two pull requests.

Not sure on the answers? See here:

6) Play the CLI Treasure Hunt

Clone this repo and follow the instructions.

  1. If your system doesn't have touch, use echo.
  2. Don't give away the answer.
  3. Show it in class next week.

7) (Stretch) Play An Interactive Game

This is just a bit of fun!

Using your new Command Line skills, take a look at this adventure game that uses the command line

What will you discover?