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Deploying Another Site

  1. Log into Netlify (remember that you sign in using GitHub)
  2. On your Netlify dashboard, click "Sites" in the top navigation

Netlify dashboard

  1. Click on the "Add new site" button, then "Import an existing project"

Creating a new site from an existing project

  1. This might be familiar now! Click "GitHub" as your Git provider

Choosing your site's Git provider

  1. A pop up will show briefly, but then you'll see a list of your GitHub repos. Click on the relevant one

Choosing the GitHub repo to create your site from

  1. Under "Branch to deploy" choose the "main" branch of your repo, which is usually called main. You do not need to change anything under "Basic build settings", Netlify will do this for you

Choosing a branch to create your site from

  1. Click the "Deploy site" button
  2. It make take a few minutes before the deploy is complete. Try refreshing your browser, when a URL appears then the site is live

The site is live