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Questions and Help

We highly recommend joining the relevant Slack Channel for this module. In this channel you can ask questions, get advice from previous teachers and discuss lesson content.


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Flipped classroom recap/Q&A

The flipped classroom practice should have trainees

  • Evaluate some boolean expression in the REPL
    • true/false literals
    • comparisons with ==
    • comparisons with ===
    • comparisons with <, <=, >, >=
    • logical operations to combine boolean expressions: &&, ||
  • Write and run programs using if statements
    • without else clause
    • with else clause
  • Write and run programs using while statements
  • Some exposure, but maybe not practiced:
    • terminal commands (cd, pwd, )
    • else if

Some questions/prompts that may be useful

  • What does this program do? (show programs of varying degrees of complexity using boolean expressions, conditionals and iteration to regulate summing and console.logging)
  • What does this expression evaluate to, using boolean expressions?
  • What kinds of data types have we seen so far? (without getting too technical, "string", "number", "boolean", maybe "undefined").
  • What is the operator that allows us to figure out the type of some data.
  • What is the difference between 9 > 8 and 9 > 8 === true
  • Why/when do we use conditionals
  • Why/when do we use iteration
  • Discuss solutions to practice exercises (particularly 3.2 as it asks how many test cases we should write)


Presentations (Out of date, for reference only)