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1) Review Solutions for Last Weeks Coursework#

Before starting this week, be sure to review the solutions for last weeks coursework

Make sure you work out what you don't understand and spend some time considering how the code works.

In each of the folders you'll find a file that will explain more of the solution to you. You should read each of them.

Note: This is a private repository. Please speak to your Teacher, Buddy or Class Coordinator to get access. You should ask them to invite your whole class.

2) FreeCodeCamp (4 hours)#

You should complete all of these FreeCodeCamp exercises -

  • Introduction to the Basic Data Structure Challenges
  • Use an Array to Store a Collection of Data
  • Access an Array's Contents Using Bracket Notation
  • Add Items to an Array with push() and unshift()
  • Remove Items from an Array with pop() and shift()
  • Remove Items Using splice()
  • Add Items Using splice()
  • Copy Array Items Using slice()
  • Copy an Array with the Spread Operator
  • Combine Arrays with the Spread Operator
  • Check For The Presence of an Element With indexOf()
  • Iterate Through All an Array's Items Using For Loops
  • Create complex multi-dimensional arrays
  • Add Key-Value Pairs to JavaScript Objects
  • Modify an Object Nested Within an Object
  • Access Property Names with Bracket Notation
  • Use the delete Keyword to Remove Object Properties
  • Check if an Object has a Property
  • Iterate Through the Keys of an Object with a Statement
  • Generate an Array of All Object Keys with Object.keys()
  • Modify an Array Stored in an Object

3) JavaScript Exercises (3 hours)#

Here are a set of exercise that will help you to solidify your knowledge of JavaScript.

For this step, open the "Exercises" folder and complete all of the challenges.

Before you start, make sure you fork the repository to your Github account.

4) JavaScript Challenges (10 hours)#

Next, in the same repository complete all of the exercises in the "Mandatory" folder.

5) Give feedback on your colleague's coursework (1 hour)#

Just like last week, we want you to continue to give good, helpful feedback to the other trainees in your class.

You should

  1. View the open Pull Requests here

  1. Find two pull requests from people in your class that have no, or few, comments on them
  2. Leave comments on the two pull requests with improvements or suggestions
  3. Leave a comment saying that you have reviewed it and a nice comment about something you liked (always remember to be nice!)

Make sure you mark at least two other pull requests. It's important that you see a variety of different answers!

Remember, you should use the Code Style Guide to help you

6) (Optional) CodeWars#

Today, you'll be using a platform called CodeWars to help you recap the materials you learnt in JS1. CodeWars is an excellent platform for going through interesting JavaScript exercises, and allows you to communicate with the wider community to learn about the best way of writing JavaScript code.

  1. Make sure you finish all exercises in the previous three weeks of the course.

  2. Signup to and work on these challenges:

Functions, Types, & Conditionals#


7) (Optional) Extra JavaScript Challenges#

Have some extra time before our next class? Fill it with these harder challenges to help you stretch your abilities!

Beware: Some of these challenges might include concepts that we haven't taught you yet. You should us Google to try to learn how to solve them.