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Getting started with the TV Show DOM project

These instructions will guide you to create your own new repository on github, based on a template we have provided.

❗ Important: unlike previous CYF coursework projects, you should NOT fork the CYF project. ❗

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the green button: Use this template.
  3. Name your new repo exactly this: tv-show-dom-project
  4. Enable Include all branches
  5. Click the final green button Create repository from template
  6. Create a branch called for-review
  7. Return to the master branch
  8. Click Open with Github Desktop (or use github desktop to clone the project onto your laptop)
  9. Use vscode to edit your local copy of the project
  10. Right click on index.html and open with live server
  11. Confirm in the browser that you can see the red text: "Got 73 episode(s)"
  12. Edit index.html to include your name and github username in the page title instead of (My Name (My GitHub username))
  13. Add and commit and your change
  14. Push to github
  15. Confirm the changes show up on github in your master branch
  16. Configure your site for automatic deployment to Netlify Instructions here
  17. Ensure the netlify site name is exactly where USERNAME is YOUR github username.
  18. Visit your deployed site
  19. Set your new repo's website link on github to be your netlify URL, under manage topics
  20. Use the following checklist to ensure you have not missed any steps
  21. Have a TA confirm you have completed the checkpoint


  • New repo created
  • New repo is named EXACTLY tv-show-dom-project
  • Repo is NOT a fork
  • Repo has the starter content (index.html, etc)
  • Repo also has an empty for-review branch
  • Repo cloned locally
  • First commits have been pushed to github (personalised title in index.html)
  • First commits are on master
  • Published site is visible at https://cyf-[[github-username]]

What branch should I use?

For this project you can work on your master branch.

When it comes time to get a code review, you should follow code review instructions.

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