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1) Finish in-class exercises#

Before continuing with the coursework you should make sure you have completed all of the exercises from our class.

The only exercise in the class was to write an API server in Express (backed by MongoDB) with routes for the following:

  1. Create a film
  2. Get a list of films
  3. Get one film by ID
  4. delete a film by ID

Optional extras: 5. Get a list of films matching a search term in the title (substring matching, case-insensitive) 6. Update a film

Optional App#

Write a react app to test your API (don't forget you'll need to install and use the cors library)

2) Create a diagram of the core actions in a full-stack app (2 hours)#

Create a diagram (or diagrams) of the core actions for a full stack app, for the basic CRUD use cases we discussed in class.

Your diagram(s) should include AT LEAST numbers #1, #2 & #3. (I recommend detailing them ALL):

  1. Create. User fills out and submits a form to register a new film in the system
  2. Read. User requests and gets shown a list of films
  3. Read. User requests and gets shown the details of one film by id
  4. Read. (optional) User requests and gets list of films matching a search term
  5. Update. (optional) User makes and submits changes to the details of an existing film using a form. Optional because we didn't spend long on PUT.
  6. Delete. User clicks a button to delete a specific film

You should try to capture ALL of the following:#

  • The order of events
  • What the user sees
  • What actions the user takes
  • What key bits of code execute in react
  • What key bits of code execute in express...
    • ... to handle the API request
    • ... to communicate with mongodb
    • ... to handle the API response
  • What critical data is passed at each point

There's no one right way to do this, so be creative and find a way that works for you. I recommend you avoid looking at what your classmates have done until you have chosen your OWN way.

What tool should I use?#

Use whatever tool you know best! Pen and paper is absolutely fine.

3) AirBnB Project (10 Hours+)#

In this repository you will find exercises and projects for you to complete.

4) Full Stack Project - Week 3 (3 hours)#

Continuing on your project from the past two weeks, this week you'll be adding a database and connecting it to your Back End.

You can find all of the details for this project here

For this week, you should complete Level 300. If you finish all of Level 300, continue to Level 399