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React Preparation

Before you start React you must make sure that you have some additional software installed.

1) Node & NPM (15 minutes)

You should already have these tools installed.

To check if Node is installed open Command Prompt or Terminal or Git Bash and type.

node -v

Running this command should print out a version number. If this does not work, you should install Node.

2) Create React App (1 hour)

Please follow this setup guide to get a new piece of software installed.

Installing Create React App

It is critical that this is installed correctly before you arrive at class.

If you have problems installing Create React App then you must post on your Slack channel to get help.

3) What is React? (30 minutes)

  1. Watch this video

    • You can stop watching at 11:06 (the rest is unnecessary)
  2. Answer these questions about the video

    • A. What does he say the "best description of React is"?
    • B. What does he say "could be a component"?
    • C. What does he say is the benefit of using JSX?
    • D. What makes React fast?
  3. Once you have answered the questions, submit your answers on Slack. This will help your teachers see what level you're at before you start the module.