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1) In Class Exercises

If you haven't already, complete the in-class exercises on your pokedex app.

2) CYF Hotel (5 hours)

Complete all of the Lesson 3 exercises in the cyf-hotel-react project:

You can also try to complete the Stretch Goal exercises in the cyf-hotel-react homework:

The best way to get better at React is to practice by building small projects.

Continue to work on your projects from previous weeks. Complete as many of the projects as you can before the next lesson.

If you want to work on a new project you could start working on:

4) Prepare for the next class

Next week we'll be starting Node which means we'll be be buildings APIs

This includes the following videos

5) CodeWars (1 hour)

Every week you need to complete at least three kata. Spend at least 20 minutes, three times a week, on your kata workout.

This week you must choose your own kata, based on what you know you need to practice.

Upcoming milestone: Check your levels. Before you are accepted on to a Final Project on the developer track, you need to complete the Final Projects collection and reach a Level 5 kyu in Codewars. Are you on track to reach this standard? Have you run a study group to work on kata? Have you reached out on the #cyf-codewars channel? What is your plan to meet this goal?