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React Module Syllabus Team Minutes


Present: Ali, Alex, Tom, Sharlu

Syllabus corrections

  • Create a PR for any small typos/invalid link corrections, no need to create a ticket
  • If links are invalid due to permission issues, reach out to Global Syllabus team for help
  • For more 'controversial' tickets (e.g. #345), no need to wait to discuss in a meeting, create a PR and discuss async in comments

Style Guides

  • The syllabus contains some strong opinions around styling, would a specific style guide help to be clear around style?
    • A 'CYF style guide exists but is not React specific
    • Sticking to a strict style guide can be confusing; trainees will find 'unstyled' code online which can be confusing
    • Using Prettier in JS projects in a good standard

Meeting the Global Syllabus team

  • Ali suggested to meet the global syllabus team during one of the bi-weekly Thursday meetings to find out what they do and how they work

Updating React module syllabus team meeting

  • Time changed to 19:30 (GMT+1)


  • All: complete reading syllabus and coursework
  • Tom: create PR to correct typos/dead links
  • Sharlu: create ticket to add optional testing module (done: #478)
  • Ali: ask Global Syllabus team about adding testing to other modules
  • Ali: update meeting invite to new time (19:30)
  • Alex: convert lessons into a single .md file to find 'splitting points'
  • All: discuss sync/async suitable 'splitting points' in the 3 week course for updating to a 4 week course (#468)


Present: Ali, Alex, Tom, Sharlu, Zach

The board

Expanding the Hotel coursework

  • Problem
    • The Hotel homework only takes a hour or 2 a week to complete, it could be expanded to have some more exercises
    • Exercises cover most or all of the content covered in the lesson - but need more practice of those concepts
    • Strong trainees could do with some more stretch goals - those that challenge them to extend knowledge of the concepts
  • We have a very good set of alternative "challenge" projects that are part of the coursework
    • However, these are (intentionally) not very "prescriptive", unlike the Hotel coursework
    • But would still like to keep because trainees gain experience of setting up different React projects, and different problems to solve


  • Everyone: get familiar with the React module in it's current state
  • Tom: write up ticket for splitting content over 4 weeks
  • Ali: write up ticket for expanding coursework
  • Alex: write up ticket for improving teaching of the concept of state